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BattleTech’s Flashpoint Expansion Is Out In November

BattleTech’s turn-based mech warrior combat was a great, if imperfect reboot of the beloved series earlier this year, and as Harebrained Schemes joined Paradox Interactive in the weeks and months that followed, it was quite obvious that it would start to receive Paradox’s typical long tail of expansion content. The first of these, titled Flashpoint, will be out on 27th November.

It will see you drawn to parts of the galaxy that the main campaign didn’t really tackle, adding multi-mission contracts to take on as the Great Houses squabble. There’s new mechs, new mission types, a new tropical biome and more.

It’s also the first part of a new season pass – which I think is a first for Paradox – which will bundle in the next two announced BattleTech expansions, with Urban Warfare planned for Summer 2019 and another unnamed expansion later that year.

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