Here’s 139 Pages Of Launch Notes For Battlefield V

Remember when games had manuals? Nice little books that came in the box and explained how everything works? Remember when the game in the box was finished as well? Ah, happy days. Things have ‘progressed’ since then so DICE have put together a lovely 139 page PDF explaining Battlefield V and what’s been patched.

To be fair there’s lots of pictures and it is very detailed, but I’m not sure who is going to read all 139 pages. However, if you are that sadist, then you need to click here to get the PDF.


Obviously I have read the entire document and would like to highlight my three favourite day one tweaks.

  • Changed the Danger Ping location to the soldiers’ feet when contextually hitting with the danger ping.
  • Gave lower health to barb wire poles.
  • Improved the suspension of towable vehicles.

Source: Twitter

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