Fallout 76’s Day One Patch Is 51GB

Those of you buying Fallout 76 on one of those old fashioned blu-ray things will find the game needs 45GB to install, which will take a while. But hey, it’s utterly pointless anyway as as soon as you’ve done that you’ll need to get the day one patch which is even bigger, clocking in at over 51GB.

The update was spotted by PSU as some disc copies of the game are already in the hands on players, the game officially launches on November 14th.


Source: PSU

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  1. Really do hate this about modern gaming. Broadband infrastructure needs severe improvement, 50 gig honestly takes me about 24, maybe even more to download.

    They need to figure out a way to allow people to download the patch before day one.

    • I agree, how hard would it be to set up a temporary store page called ‘Get Ready For Fallout’ or something, allowing you to download the patch and then pre purchase some crap DLC.

  2. Praise be the gods at Rockstar for giving us a second data disc for RDR2 instead of going down this route.

    • They’ll probably find a way to do a massive update whenever the online stuff gets released.

      Or to fix a few of the weird bugs. Like when a horse suddenly falls from the sky for no obvious reason. I don’t know why it made me laugh so much, but it happened. And I captured it… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3rFjXLa4ZI (Towards the end of chapter 4, but not hugely spoilery)

    • Chances are that this is replacing the game client for Fallout 76, similar to what happened with Black Ops 4. They’re both 50GB-ish games, where RDR2 was actually a 90GB game that needed two discs regardless.

    • I’m with you there, I had no internet on launch day but the game worked perfectly anyway. They deserve an award!

      • Perfectly? Almost. Apart from horses falling from the sky. Or spontaneously combusting horses. Or people not appearing at camp because you did some missions in the wrong order. And Gavin being completely non-existent. (That last one may be deliberate)

        Oh, and forgetting to put the multiplayer stuff in at launch.

        Apart from that, almost perfect. A miracle considering the size of the thing, really.

      • Why are you trying to correct Ron’s opinion? :-\

      • It’s 2018, opinion is going the same way as drinking/smoking/kissing a woman on the first date out of the blue. If you don’t take a selfie every 5mins, agree that your neither a man or a woman and adjust to being pro-brexit/anti-brexit within a split second depending on the company then you’re not fit to walk this flat planet!

      • I hadn’t come across any of that! Thanks for sticking up for me Mike *fist bump* but to be fair I hadn’t played the game more than 3 or 4 hours so ‘perfectly’ might be a bit of a stretch. I was just impressed that it was very playable from the disc, a rarity amongst the AAAs these days and I still think award worthy!

      • And Waxbull, I aspire to be a vain, genetalialess, lightening fast Euro flip-flop but I also have kids so, you know, busy and that.

      • It’s definitely a stunningly impressive technical feat, but not quite perfect. And apart from that one time it rained horses (well, a horse), I’ve not seen anything too odd.

        Oh, I’ve done a mission from chapter 6 without actually having finished chapter 5 yet, which is strange.

        Not sure what I’ve done to upset anyone though.

  3. Don’t know if anyone else noticed, but when installing Black Ops 4 on the Xbox the disc read 168MB followed by a 56GB download. That rather pee’d me off and was a huge waste of a Blu-Ray

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