Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet’s Boob Softening Gel Removed From PS4 Version


Well this is outrageous, Sony’s hard line on softcore porn on their console has reached new heights with the news that the boob softening gel found in the Switch version of Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet is not present in the PS4 version.

The game will ship with PSVR features so you can ogle the nymphs in virtual reality, but what is the world coming to when you can’t smother some teenage breast with gloop to make them more flubbly? I shall be writing to my MP to demand that it is reinstated immediately.

The PS4 version will also be missing a couple of fans that can be used to waft the clothes of the ladies, but Koei Tecmo have said that “Loosening occurs through activity”, so that’s alright.

Sony recently blocked the release of Omega Labyrinth Z on their console as it featured young girls who you could undress, a move that irritated paedophiles across the globe.

The game is only available in Japan, previous versions of Extreme 3 that were heading West were cancelled due to “issues happening in video game industry with regard to how to treat females in video game industry.”

Tsk. Snowflakes.

Source: Gematsu

P.S. If you haven’t worked it out yet, I am being sarcastic. 

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  1. Unplayable.

  2. Good lord – won’t anyone think about the chafing!

  3. Who’s Will?

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