Punch Aliens In Face In VR With Boxing Apocalypse For PSVR

Remember that scene from Independence Day when Will Smith smacks an alien in the mush and quips “Welcome to Earth”? What of there was a VR game where you could do that all the time. Wait, there is, Boxing Apocalypse is coming to PlayStation VR in the next month or so.

The game finds you locked up in prison in space and they only way out is to smack seven bells out of your alien cell mates. The game includes a campaign and multiplayer and is already out on other VR devices.

Boxing Apocalypse launches in North America on November 20th and the rest of the world get it a little later on December 10th.

Source: YouTube

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  1. this looks so bad … I really enjoyed “The Fight: Lights Out” for PS3

    I would definitely buy The fight 2 … this one … doesn’t look good at all …

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