Enter The Gungeon’s Paid DLC Cancelled, One Final Update Coming Instead

The very gunny Enter the Gungeon has been a real success for developer Dodge Roll and Devolver Digital, as it swept past one million sales a year after its release. Not only that, but it still remains one of the cutest and silliest roguelites out there. It did well enough that Dodge Roll went back and released Advanced Gungeons & Draguns expansion for free in the middle of this year, with plans for a paid expansion down the road.

Sadly, those plans have now been cancelled, but the team still plan on releasing a smaller update, with a leaning toward fixing some of the bugs and issues still in the game.


Writing in a dev update on Reddit, the team explained:

The short version is: we have been working on Gungeon for nearly five years now, and from both a technical and a creativity standpoint, we need to move on. We have learned so many things about making games that are just impossible to put into practice in Gungeon (without rebuilding the entire game), and honestly, we’re just more excited about putting these ideas into practice in a new game.

On the upside, this final update that they’re working on sounds like a real step forward for the game:

It will address some lingering and annoying bugs (and console crashes), and add one long requested feature: a new character that starts with random equipment, as well as a number of new guns (~20), items (~10), and synergies (~?). It will also add a handful of other small features. As mentioned, this (smaller) update, in Gungeon tradition, will be free for all players. The randomized “Paradox” character will not have their own past, but instead play a random one should you choose to kill your past, rather than ending your run somewhere… hotter. We will be including some console (notably Switch) performance improvements in this as well. We are looking to have this update into console certification before the end of the year.

And they tease that there will be some more Gungeon-related news in future. As for what’s next for the team? It’s very much in the early design stage, but I’m sure that a lot of Gungeon fans will be eager to see more when Dodge Roll feel they’re ready to share.

Source: Reddit

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