Naked Mod Reveals Red Dead Redemption 2’s Arthur Is Lacking Downstairs


An anonymous PlayStation 4 user has hacked his save game for Red Dead Redemption 2 and removed all of Arthur’s clothes, because reasons. However, it seems our hero is rather lacking downstairs and has smooth, Action Man style nether regions.

Rockstar have clearly spent a lot of time modelling the character so it does seem odd the missed one rather vital part. Perhaps there weren’t enough polygons left for a digital todger, or maybe they would have needed to add dick physics to portray a realistic bounce .

It does seems a bit unfair that the horses in the game have perfectly modelled testicles and Arthur has none. Poor chap.

Source: MP1st

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  1. Kind of makes sense as to why Arthur couldn’t do anything in the brothels, as if I were him I’d spend 90% of the game in them, then 5% trying it on with Abigail or Sadie, and the other 5% drinking whisky & eating cocaine gum.

  2. Should’ve called him Ken.

  3. Don’t waste polygons and texture maps on things you’ll never see (unless you’re a perv-modder). :P

    • Why does he have perfectly modelled buttocks then? Do you get to see them?

      • I don’t know if you get to see them but if the game is designed for interchangeable clothing and the clothing uses a cloth-physics system, then buttocks are far more important to model.

      • Also, keep in mind it’s easy to model for if you’re not worried about nipples or penises clipping through clothing, etc.

  4. That’s not the kind of thing I look for in games, male or female.

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