UK Charts 24/11/18 – Battlefield V Suffers Amidst Black Friday Sales

A Battlefield too far?

Black Friday has turned into an annual game selling bonanza, and this year was no different, with 1.66 million boxed games sold and £53 million in revenue. It helped push FIFA 19 back up to the top spot from fifth, Black Ops 4 up to second from seventh, as Forza Horizon 4 and Spider-Man broke back into the top ten, with fifth and sixth respectively.

However, while the sales figures are huge and some of the sales mightily tempting, Black Friday unit sales actually dropped 6.7% (though revenue only dipped 4.6%). It saw recent releases like Pokémon Let’s Go and Spyro Reignited Trilogy tumble, while the negativity to Fallout 76’s release saw the game being heavily discounted to retain seventh on the charts.

In terms of hardware sales, Sony chose not to push their advantage as hard as in recent years, with the base PS4 only discounted to £220. Despite that, it still sold marginally more than the more heavily discounted Xbox One, while the Nintendo Switch was only a small margin behind.

In amongst this chaos, Battlefield V only managed to chart in fourth place, with sales down 63% on Battlefield 1. While the game has consistently been mired in controversy and pushback from certain parts of the internet, it’s likely a consequence of EA’s typically messy launch windows (spread across EA Access trials, Early Access and an eventual release), the month-long delay to the game’s release, and ending up releasing just as people are looking for bargains and not full price games.

Here’s the top ten:

Last Week This Week Title
5 1 FIFA 19
7 2 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
2 3 Red Dead Redemption 2
NE 4 Battlefield V
11 5 Forza Horizon 4
13 6 Spider-Man
3 7 Fallout 76
4 8 Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu
1 9 Spyro Reignited Trilogy
9 10 Mario Kart 8: Deluxe


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  1. I’d be curious to see how PS VR did while it was discounted. I’ve been very tempted myself for £179.99 but managed to resist!

    • Looks like it’s done very well, based on figures from an unlikely place.

      Someone’s been tracking the number of people on the PSVR bit of Reddit for a while, and coming up with some convincing theories. Did a fairly good job of predicting when they’d sold 3m, and was predicting 4m early next year.

      And it’s just had the largest number of new subscribers in a day. 300. And for each of those 300, there would appear to be around 40+ headsets sold. So 12,000 or so. Even if that was the peak of the black Friday week, it could be another 60 or 70 thousand sold in 1 week.

      4m total sold could well come by the end of the year. Or sometime in the first couple of months of 2019. And by the end of next year, 6m wouldn’t be surprising.

      A PS5 in 2020 probably doesn’t need to come with a PSVR2, assuming it’s all backwards compatible. Get the current PSVR down to £100 or less and it’s going to get interesting.

      • Yes it would be a big mistake if futher iterations didn’t remain backwards compatible, but to attract those with more to spend, any major iterations could be better, then people can choose – akin to the PS4 vs PS4 Pro.

  2. Have (somehow) managed to make it through this year’s Black Friday sales unscathed thus far, which will be a first for me as I tend to grab a game or two.
    Some VERY tempting offers but Smash is here in less than a couple of weeks so I’ll wait on that.

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