Team17 To Publish WWII Shooter Hell Let Loose

Historical shooters have come back in fashion over the last few years, and everyone’s getting in on the game. Team17 have now announced a partnership to publish Black Matter’s Hell Let Loose, a realistic WWII shooter that goes beyond even the scale of Battlefield, which is set to head into PC early access in 2019.


Featuring grand 50v50 battles, you’re efforts are coordinated by a system of platoons, as you try to capture sectors and resources across huge maps.

Maximilian Rea, co-founder of Black Matter, said, “A title this epic in scope posed a huge challenge for a small studio like us. Working with Team17 will allow us to focus on the development of the game while ensuring we deliver players the polished experience they expect.”

Source: press release

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  1. Reminds me of COD3/4…. Not a bad thing. Hope it makes it to PS4/5.

  2. Doesn’t seem to have destructible environments so looks a bit odd with tanks shells exploding on rickety cottage walls and leaving them totally intact.

  3. Might try this just because its Team17.

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