The Next Senran Kagura Game Will “Take Some Time” Due To Restrictions

Senran Kagura series producer Kenichiro Takaki has explained that the next title in series, Senran Kagura 7EVEN, is going to take a little longer to develop due to restrictions on sexual content.

“Recently, worldwide regulations regarding sexual depiction have been getting stronger, and in that respect, we have to make games in a way that they aren’t misunderstood,” he said. “Certain things are harder than they’ve ever been before. ”

Stop giggling you filthy individuals. 

“Given that, I think [the game] is going to take some time,” he adds. “We want to make it happen, so right now we’re at a place where we’re thinking about how to do that, and various other things overall.”

He’s almost certainly referring Sony’s harder stance on sexual imagery and gameplay which has seen a number of games denied release on PlayStation 4. While this doesn’t mark the end of Improbable Boobs it almost certainly will limit your interactions with the bouncy baps.

Source: Gematsu

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.