Get At The PlayStation Classic Emulator Options With This One Simple Trick

"I'm in."

It turns out that kicking down the digital doors and getting access to the emulator on the PlayStation Classic is almost insultingly easy. Literally all you need to do is plug in a USB keyboard to one of the console’s USB ports, load up a game and hit the escape key. Bosh! You’re in.

Now, this isn’t exactly on the level of hacking the CIA mainframe, and definitely does not open up the console to sideloading more games – that will almost certainly come sooner or later – but it does expose the emulator options from the open source PCSX ReARMed emulator that Sony have used. You can tinker with certain settings to force the NTSC region and 60Hz, show the frame rate, add software filters, access more save slots, and so on. Thankfully you can reset the settings if you do mess up the emulation.

Here’s a video from Retro Gaming Arts who discovered this. Warning for the 1:50 mark where (for some reason) they start shouting.

Source: Retro Gaming Arts

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  1. Played mine last night. Actually think it looks a lot better than I had anticipated.

    Already completely lost and out of bullets in Resident Evil though.

    • Same here, fired mine up and had a great time. Tekken3 is still awesome, split screen Ridge Racer (Riiiiiiiiidge Racer) is good fun and RE is still wonderful (cheesy dialogue and all).
      The original PlayStation was my first console and its awesome revisiting these games.

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