Rockstar To Rebalance The Red Dead Online Economy


Rockstar have announced that they are going to take a look at the economy in Red Dead Online as many players have found it puzzling that a slice of cheese is worth more than a gold watch, leading to suggestions it’s been rigged to encourage micro-transactions.

A tweet from the developers states that “Our current areas of focus include the in-game economy, which will require some additional balancing in order to ensure all activities are appropriately rewarding and fun,” so expect a patch soon.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Good news. They need to do something about either the silly prices or the money you can earn. Or both.

    And let us get our hats back from the magical horse hat supply, like in single player. I keep losing my hat. So I shoot a random NPC and steal his hat. And loot the body. For a whole 6c. At which rate I’ll earn enough for a new gun after killing 10,000 innocent victims or so.

    Yes, my honour gauge is all the way over on the left. That little message that completing a mission will give you an increase in honour? Am I supposed to take that as a warning?

    • Hah, yeah it’s an honest heads up that in some missions you can’t be a Wild West bastard!
      I started my greasy Hispanic character with no hat (I know, who does that?!) and then robbed one off a dead guy, but lost it when I got shot. Later I noticed after setting custom outfit in camp my recently purchased hat was restored after I died. The answer: set custom outfit, lose hat, get shot, get hat back.

      • Quicker to shoot someone in the face and steal their hat though. More fun too.

        But yes, hats seem to come back when you die. I’m assuming they’re some sort of ghost hat. But your horse doesn’t have an infinite supply of hats, unlike in single player mode.

    • So is it still a 12.8 / 10 game with a wonky economy?

      • Yep. At least that much out of 10.

        Although it’s only a beta for the online part, so I guess we’ve got to call it 10/10 until it’s finished and out of beta? Then add a few points for the online part.

        It probably gains a whole point just for the fact that you can lasso random players, hogtie them and then shoot them in the face and steal their hats. Or just shoot them in the face, but that’s nowhere near as much fun.

      • Sounds like itll be fun for CoD kiddies and griefers…

      • If someone randomly decides to kill you, you respawn far enough away that if they kill you a second time, it’s your own fault for hunting them down for revenge.

        There was a brief period when it launched where it was complete chaos if you wandered into a own, but that’s calmed down a lot.

        Obviously the various competitive game modes are a different story. Even horse racing is complete madness. 16 players on horses trying to punch each other off at the start of a race. I spent a while doing horse races. I found it the easiest way to get wins. You need to be MVP in 3 games of anything for a trophy. I was quite pleased to get that trophy, being ultra rare and only 0.7% of players having it. Then I realised that’s actually hundreds of thousands of people and didn’t feel quite so good about it.

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