Ubisoft Launch Operation Wind Bastion In Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is rounding out its third year with the launch of Operation Wind Bastion today, taking us up some Moroccan mountains to visit a lovely looking castle!


Our tour guides to the new Fortress map are Nomad, who packs an Airjab launcher which throws sticky proximity air blast grenades, and Kaid, whose Rtila electroclaw will electrify all metallic objects within proximity. That sounds like it’s going to need rebalancing at some point!

As always, those with the year 3 pass will be able to unlock and play these characters right away, while everyone else will have to wait until 11th December before they’re able to use Renown or R6 Credits to do so.

Alongside this, a major update has redesigned the in-game shop, updated throwing curves, brought an Area of Effect UI feature for Kaid and Nomad, and made changes to the Ranked and Casual map pools.

Ubisoft of the Siege community haven’t always seen eye to eye over the last few months, with a contentious decision to remove cosmetic in-game scenery to make the game meet Asian regulatory standards eventually being rolled back. Here’s hoping Wind Bastion can let them end the year on a high!

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  1. I keep looking at picking this game up but can’t help feel that I’ve missed the window and that the people who still play it will be super good. Has anyone here picked it up recently?

    • Hi, only got into it at the start of the year. You still get a mix of amazing players, similar level, rubbish ones and idiots. I regret not getting into it sooner but didn’t feel it was impossible to get into. You’ve still got to put a little time into it but worth doing

      • Nice, thanks :) I remember having an awesome time with the beta but, for whatever reason, never picked up the final game (I think I was leaving it for a few months while the usual “Ubisoft-Jank” was patched). Just seems like a game that has a sizable difficulty curve to it, which has put me off.

  2. Oh it can be difficult but seldom unfair and joining up with similar level people helps. I think I enjoy it because I know my limits!

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