Ninja Gaiden And More Join The Switch Online NES Library Next Week

Got Wario's wood?

Nintendo are throwing more games into the Switch Online NES Library next week, which will take the tally up to 29 (30 if you include the “Luxury” version of The Legend of Zelda).

Those games are:

  • Adventures of Lolo
  • Ninja Gaiden
  • Wario’s Woods

Nintendo have settled into a groove of releasing three games on the second Wednesday of each month, with December’s additions set to appear on Wednesday 12th.

Source: Business Wire

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  1. And once again I will step into the loop…
    1. Ooo, I fancy playing Ninja Gaiden again
    2. Hmm, I don’t remember it being this hard
    3. OK, now we’re getting somewh… oh fuck off
    4. Seriously, how the fuck did I play this game when I was younger?
    5. Fuck you. *Deletes game*
    6. Wait for next re-release and return to step 1.

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