UK School Warns Parents That Their Children May Be Playing “Strip Fortnite”


So Strip Fornite is a thing, I’m surprised but I guess I shouldn’t be, and whatever consenting adults get up to in the privacy of their own homes, or indeed broadcast live on the internet with webcams, is up to them.

However, Middleton St Mary’s C of E Primary in Leeds has issued a warning to parents as they think children may be playing this game.

“We have been made aware of an emerging trend, where people are playing strip Fortnite using webcams,” they state. “The rule is that when you achieve a “kill” (elimination) you have to strip off, potentially adding an additional risk from children being exposed to and/or sharing indecent images whilst playing the game.”

West Yorkshire Police have said “We are unaware of any trend in West Yorkshire concerning this reported crime type” and the school doesn’t seem to have any evidence that their children are playing Strip Fortnite.

The trend for removing clothes when playing Fortnite has been blamed on “desperate” YouTubers trying to attract more subscribers. A quick Google does reveal that those broadcasting Strip Fornite do seem to be mostly young, athletic ladies and the odd young man.

Source: The Telegraph 

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