Check Out The Character Classes In World War Z


Saber Interactive’s adaption of World War Z is coming along nicely and they have released a new trailer showing the various classes you can play in the game. Will you choose Hellraiser, Slasher, or the less excitingly named Medic?

Each class has it’s own weapons and perks, for example Slasher has twin swords and Hellraiser likes dropping a bomb or two. The video also shows a hugely impressive number of zombies rushing about the screen but something didn’t look quite right to me. Closer inspection reveals that dead zombies can vanishing from the play area in front of your eyes which is distracting, check out the sequence that starts at the 1 minute mark.

You may also notice that zombies that are blown up explode it to body parts that evaporate mid air. Obviously both of these techniques have been used to keep the number of polygons on the screen down, but it does look a bit odd.

Source: YouTube

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  1. I can overlook disappearing bodies/parts if the gameplay is as solid as it looks.

    I reeeeaally want this game to be good!

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