A Fisherman’s Tale Will Recurse You Infinitely In January

The wonderfully weird A Fisherman’s Tale will be out right at the start of next year, with the game launching on 22nd January for PSVR, Vive, Rift and Windows Mixed Reality. It’s a trippy little adventure that sees you living inside a recursion of a lighthouse, able to reach into a model version of the building that you’re also inhabiting, or look up and see an infinite stretch of larger and larger lighthouses.

We went hands on with the game last week, but how did the Fisherman’s puppet get stuck in such a situation? Vertigo Games have released a 360º trailer to try and explain – you can view it and pan around on a regular flatscreen, or don a VR headset and hop onto YouTube to envelop yourself within the five minute video.

Source: press release

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