Epic Slap Fortnite Leakers With A Cease-And-Desist


A well known site that focused on data mining Fortnite to discover unannounced content has been issued a cease-and-desist demand by Epic.

“Due to the request of an Epic Games Attorney who I’m not going to disclose, my Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Instagram and Github must be deleted, or else they will take action,” explained the owner of the site. “Thank you all for the support and followers over my seven month span of the FNBRLeaks Twitter.”

The letter, which was posted on Discord, says FNBRLeaks “spoiled the game for millions of of people who play and/or watch Fortnite, and negatively impact[ed] those who work hard to create and update Fortnite. The fact that he is a teenager makes this no less true”.

This is of course, utterly pointless, there’s nothing stopping other people from data mining Fortnite and releasing the information, which can then be freely passed around the internet.

Source: Eurogamer

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