TSA’s Sunday Streaming Hour Presents Realm Royale

Ending the year with a pop.

Welcome to what will be the last TSA Sunday Streaming Hour of 2018! We’ve had some laughs over the past couple of months with this feature, and have played through all sorts of games with playthroughs of new releases and games yet to be released.

For this final show we’re going to take a look at the latest Battle Royale title to hit PlayStation 4, Realm Royale. It’s a bit Fortnite-y and bit Overwatch-y, all wrapped up in a fantasy setting where downed players turn in to chickens.

So join us this Sunday, December 16th, at 5pm GMT to take a look. You can tune in below or head on over to twitch.tv/thesixthaxis to chat away with Tuffcub. He loves a good chat.

Watch live video from TheSixthAxis on www.twitch.tv

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