The Realm Royale Open Beta is now live on PlayStation 4

The latest game to join the Battle Royale of Battle Royales is Realm Royale, a spin off from Paladins which you might have caught me playing during the last Sunday Streaming of 2018.

The game is a fantasy themed title with the usual solo, co-op or four player squads, but rather than scavenging for raw materials to turn in to guns you can recycle the many weapons laying around the play area in to crystals. Get enough of crystals and you can head over to a forge and make a new super weapon, but this means those areas of the map become contested as teams fight for use of the forge.


As the game is free-to-play it’s well worth having a look, it’s a bit fluffier than you standard Battle Royale, if you’re health runs out you get turned in to a chicken and have a chance to cluck off and escape, but you have to be quick else you are quite literally someone else’s winner winner chicken dinner.

There’s a new Battle Pass on offer which will cost you real money, but is is themed around pirates and ninjas and that’s got to be good thing.

Here’s the link to the PSN store page for the game so you can queue it up and have a go.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Gave it a go yesterday, and it’s quite fun. It does suffer from the usual Battle Royale problem where you spend 3 minutes getting into the game, 30 seconds before you land, and then another 5 seconds before you’re a chicken.

    Or you get lucky and spend 10 minutes with nothing to do except open chests and forge weapons before the last 10 or 20 people arrive all at once.

    Land somewhere safe, open loads of chests and get decent weapons and health and armor potions. Took me a few games before I realised you can forge more than 1 thing at a time and it doesn’t take any longer. (Well, 30 seconds for the first, and then a couple of seconds to start the second which then takes 30 seconds, even if the first is still going)

    And the Battle Pass is free for PS+ memebers.

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