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BioShock VR Is Being Teased

Blind Squirrel Games, the team who ported the BioShock collection to PS4 and Xbox One, seem to be be teasing BioShock VR. Presumably this is the original game (or games) but made for VR rather than a brand new title.

Personally I would like BioShock 2 VR, wandering about the seabed in a Big Daddy suit would be awesome.


Source: Twitter, thanks to doomsday619 for the tip!


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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. I saw this earlier and held back on believing. Now you guys have written this and I am struggling to contain the excitement. This would be unbelievable. Love the Bioshock games so much.

  2. No problem, I really do hope this is true. Was a huge fan of the BioShock game’s on the PS3 if this is teasing a VR version it will be a day one purchase from me as long as it’s for PSVR.

  3. Holy rumor mill, Batman!
    Let’s clear up a few things:
    YES we are making Bioshock cocktails
    YES we are unveiling new Forklift content in VR
    YES we’ll have a big announcement near the end…
    NO, it is NOT Bioshock related (nor is it Forklift related)


    Well, thank you for ‘teasing’ BSG… or something…

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