Get A Free Week Of Sky Sports Or Half Price Gym Membership With PlayStation Plus


If you subscribe to PlayStation Plus and are in the U.K. there are a couple of new offers for you and they’re nothing to do with video games.

The first offer is for seven days access to Sky Sports via NowTV, totally free. You will need a credit or debit card to sign up but it wont be charged. You can then download the NowTV app on your PS4 and get watching the sports of your choice.

If you’re feeling a little more energetic the second offer is for 50% off your 1st Month’s Pure Gym membership and there’s no joining fee either. There’s a few more catches with that one, notably the membership renews every month but you can cancel it at anytime.

For more details on both offers follow this link.


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  1. Looks like random stuff with PS+ is a thing now then. That page says “more partners coming soon”, and they gave everyone 3 months of Netflix a couple of months ago as well.

    Are they trying to make up for the drop from 6 to 2 games starting in March?

    • Er, when was the last time you played the utter rubbish PS3 games they give away?

      • When I get around to Steins Gate? Before that, erm, yeah, good point.

        But what about the Vita games, which have frequently meant another PS4 game that month due to the cross-buy thing? We won’t be having those either.

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