Tiny Metal Gets A Not-So-Tiny Multiplayer Update

A year to the day after its original release, Tiny Metal has received are rather big update. It might not quite have captured the Advance Wars vibe we were hoping to see when it launched, but AREA35 have continued to plug away at it, and have now added competitive multiplayer and six new missions to stick onto the end of the campaign in a free update.


The game is now on sale across PS4, Switch and PC to promote the update, so hopefully it can find a little niche to make the multiplayer worthwhile. Either way, here’s the patch notes:

-. Add Online Multiplayer
-. Add Act V to the Campaign Mode
-. Add Color Blind Mode

-. Teach AI to better use indirect units
-. Teach AI to better prioritize which buildings to capture

-. Display mission name in upper right corner
-. Add medals to overworld displaying achieved score rank
-. Make high score table display lesser ranks also achieved if higher rank is attained
-. Upgrade idle units on main menu to hero versions once unlocked
-. Make pressing cancel in squad viewer return to main menu
-. Improve readability of building capture progress counter
-. Update cursor move sound effect
-. Make pressing any key cancel loading idle video on main menu
-. Fix Gameplay category button in settings menu not being focused when opened in-field
-. Allow players to access pause menu even during enemy turn
-. Make commander name in HUD easier to read
-. Fix character names being offset from dialog text box by 2 pixels
-. Improve readabilty of unit status text
-. Display cost of healing in action menu
-. Add hero unlock counter
-. Add bonus mission unlock counter
-. Add terrain ambient sounds volume to audio settings
-. Unify UI styling
-. Double speedup fast forward
-. Increase size of Unit HP bar for easier reading

-. Make used Comm Links turn grey after deployment
-. Make explored easter eggs turn grey after exploring
-. Optimize battle scene rendering
-. Optimize rendering cost of units
-. Make battle scenes render at full resolution on all platforms
-. Tune team colors
-. Improve in-game lighting
-. Improve visibility of units with a slight desaturation on terrain
-. Add wind system
-. Make forests sway in wind
-. Add lights to buildings

-. Add commander specific blip & blops during dialog for non Japanese languages
-. Add option to enable Japanese voiced dialog under all languages
-. Allow volume settings to go above 100% and up to 200%
-. Add sound effects to all UI interactions

-. Allow all unit types to perform Explore action
-. Expand radar cover of Radar and Phased Array Radar units by 1
-. Make Radar and Phased Array Radar more affordable
-. Prevent air units from performing Assault
-. Make deploying Heroes cost funds
-. Make healing units cost funds
-. Do not auto-heal units sitting on cities
-. Make Riflemen units do slightly more damage to Metals
-. Add radar range to MegaMetal Hero

-. Fix unit info not disappearing after victory screen appears
-. Fix percentage number’s outline not updating to new team color when enemy is defeated by HQ capture and unit’s are captured
-. Fix attacks against some hero infantry being calculated against wrong base damage type
-. Fix tile info widget being visible when hovering over unknown terrain
-. Fix BGM not playing during opening splash screens
-. Fix Comm Links being called Radios in tile info
-. Fix AI idling units over other-wise valuable buildings

Source: Steam

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  1. I got a Steam notification that this was on sale as its in my wishlist- didn’t realise they’d added MP.

    What was that other Advance Wars game that was soon to be coming out? I can’t remember the name of it

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