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We’re about half way through our own Game of the Year awards, but now it’s time  to turn to you, the community, and find out what you think are the best games of the year. Perhaps there’s a different game you rate compared to us? A little gem of a game that you think has been overlooked?

As with last year we’ve trimmed things back to six categories. Without getting bogged down too much, there’s sections for best single player, best multiplayer, best independent, best VR game, biggest disappointment and the community’s Game of the Year 2018.

We’ve tried to be as all encompassing as possible, but if there’s a game you’re dying to vote for, complain as vociferously as possible in the comments and we’ll add it to the list. If that’s the case, don’t vote until it’s been updated!

The voting will be open from now through to 23:59PM on Sunday 30th December, and we’ll post the results as 2018 2019 dawns. Please only vote once, as subsequent votes will not be counted.

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  1. “we’ll post the results as 2018 dawns”

    You’ve invented a time machine?

    And as you’ve clearly not gone back in time and posted the results at the start of the year, that suggests it’s not a very good time machine. I’d suggest going back in time and telling yourselves not to bother inventing a time machine that doesn’t work.

    Or maybe it does work but something horrible happens in the next week so you can’t go back in time and post the results? I’d avoid sharp objects, fires, angry bears, and other assorted hazards for the next week or so if I were you.

    • I’m going to stay away from scissors for the foreseeable future.

      • And children. I forgot to say avoid children. Difficult at this time of year, as the little shits seem to be all over the bloody place, but it’s probably best to try and avoid the little bags of germs.

  2. Had to go with Spiderman for GOTY.

  3. Had to be Smash Bros for me.

    My year has been dominated by the Switch, apart from FIFA on the weekends.

    Working long hours mean it’s just Switch during breaks in the lab most days.

  4. GOTY for me is Wipeout Omega Collection but only when played in VR.

    • You can’t count an update to a game from 2017 as GOTY for 2018.

      Probably. Or maybe you can. You wouldn’t though, because you’d be wrong.

      • Wipeout Omega Collection is one of the choices in the drop down list for GOTY so it can be counted. Anyway Santa said it can :)

      • Yeah, but that drop down list contains many things that aren’t RDR2, so what does that prove? ;)

    • Interesting choice.

  5. I hadn’t realised that the only new game I’ve played this year is Red Dead 2! It’s been a slow year for me and I haven’t voted in most categories, only two and the answer is obvious! I must get myself a copy of Spiderman and God of War in the new year.

  6. Man…. 3 great games for me Firewall, Spiderman and God of War.

  7. Torn between God of War and Spiderman, but God of War just takes it I think. Honourable mention for Detroit as well. Cracking year for games!

  8. Didn’t see Far Cry 5 in multiplayer but co-op comes under that banner, yes?

    Anyway, best co-op game I’ve played all year. Utterly wonderful time with a TSA member from yester-year.

  9. These polls just make me realise how much my gaming has changed since Destiny became a thing.

    I have hardly played any of the games listed, spend most of my gaming time on Destiny.

    • Same here, difficult for me to cast a vote as most of my gaming time this year was on NMS and Bloodborne.

  10. No Iconoclasts in best indie? That’s an absolute travesty! Just kidding, I doubt it would win but it would have got my vote anyway.
    A brilliant piece of work.

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