Michael Pachter Has Another Outstanding Prediction

It’s been a long time since he’s graced these pages but News Snatch favourite Michael Pachter is back, and he’s got something to say about Sony skipping E3 this year.

“I think it’s a one-off,” he told GamingBolt. Oh really, you think Michael? I mean, it’s not like everyone else drew the same conclusion months ago.

“I think they made a bad decision,” he adds. “I think they somehow internally determined that the money’s not well spent- and they’re wrong. I don’t know what they spend on E3, but even if it’s $15 million, they get $15 million of publicity out of it. So I think they’re fools to bypass the show. And they’ll be back.”

Of course they will be back, it’s just there’s nothing particularly huge to show this year so might as well save some pennies for 2020 when there will be new consoles, Death Stranding, and lots of other things to should about.

Stating the bleedin’ obvious is clearly a new thing for our chum Michael as that’s a lot safe than suggesting Xbox would win this generation or that the PS4 can can render games at 240fps.

Source: GamingBolt

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  1. I like that old article about his claim Xbox will win this generation. How’d that work out?

    Quite like the first comment there too… “Ignore him. He may go away.”

    He’s been claiming that ridiculous 240fps crap again lately too. Both the next Xbox and PS5 will do 240fps. At 4K. With VR. So yeah, ignore everything he ever says from now on. He’s clearly an idiot that sometimes gets lucky.

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