PUBG’s Vikendi Map Officially Launches For PS4 & Xbox One Next Week

One sore spot for console players of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was that PC players got to visit the snowy battlegrounds of a fourth new map before they did. Sure, it’s been available on the public test server, but PC players had a good head start on that as well. Now Vikendi is officially releasing for PUBG on PS4 and Xbox One on 22nd January. Make sure to wrap up warm!

Vikendi is a mid-sized map, coming in at 6x6km, compared to the 8x8km of the original two maps and 4x4km of the third. It mixes European-style cities with a Cosmodrome, snowy forests and a Dino Park. There’s a map exclusive G36C assault rifle to find, as well as a new snowmobile to blaze across snowfields on.

Source: Twitter

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