The Resident Evil 2 1.01 patch is not huge and not detailed


We’re used to having patch notes the length of a football pitch these days so it’s always nice when a game launches with a day one patch that is tiny and doesn’t do much, it’s a good sign the game you are getting is a quality product.

For example, Horizon Zero Dawn had a minuscule day one patch, as did Titanfall 2, and Resident Evil 2 also has a relatively small day one download of 533 MB. But what does this patch do I hear you ask? Well not much, in fact Capcom haven’t even bothered listing the small number of things it fixes.

Version 1.01

  • Bug fixes

See what I mean? More of this sort of thing developers, finish your game and put that on the disk, not some half baked bug ridden mess of twoddle that needs a 56GB patch to make it usable.

Source: Gearnuke

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  1. Maybe it’s 533 bugs that all took 1MB to fix, though?

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