The Doom movie has been delayed to “make Hell awesome”

The second stab at making a movie based on the Doom franchise has had it’s release delayed and will now be hitting the screen on an unspecified date this autumn. According to reports the delay is not due to the movie being rubbish, it’s quite the opposite. The studio are feeling so positive about the film that they want to chuck some more money at it and “use a broader VFX brush to really make Hell awesome.”

The extra time will be used to enhance the current special effects with additional shots, bot CGI and real, with studio stating that the “action and story of the Hell sequence is NOT changing.”

The movie is being produced for Universal 1440, the home video side of Universal, so the production is likely to go straight to a streaming service or DVD. It stars Amy Manson, Nina Bergman, Louis Mandylor, Dominic Mafham, Luke Allen-Gale, Hari Dhillon, and Lorina Kamburova, and if you can name anything any of those actors has been in you win a cookie.

Source: Dreadcentral


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  1. 3 of those actors you listed have been in Casualty and/or The Bill.

    So that’s the level of actors they’ve got then.

    Ok, so that probably applies to about 50% of all actors that have ever been anywhere near this country. Some of them go on to do other things. That lot seem to have neglected to do that so far. I’m not sure a straight to DVD/VOD Doom film will help their careers.

  2. Googled them all, don’t recognise any of them. Was quite impressed to see one of them had been in Captain America. Checked it out and he was “Army Heckler” so yeh, there’s that.

    • But what a heckling he gave! Oscar worthy!

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