Resident Evil 2 shifts 3 million units, free DLC announced

Suffice to say Resident Evil 2 has been a huge hit, topping the charts across the world and selling 3 million units in the first week alone. The original Resident Evil 2 sold 4.9 million units in it’s lifetime so the remake is well on the way to beating that record.

Capcom have also announced a pack of free DLC for the game that will explore “what if” stories. The Ghost Survivors DLC will follow three characters, the gunshop owner, the mayor’s daughter, and the soldier, as they try to escape the city.

That day will also see the release of new costumes for Claire and Leon which recreate their looks from the original game.

As for a remake of Resident Evil 3,  Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi has said that if fans demand if then Capcom will consider it. I suspect that sales of 3 million units in one week may also persuade Capcom that it’s a good idea.

Can we also have remakes of The Suffering and Silent Hill 2 please? Kaithanxbye.

Source: Capcom / Twitter / Gearnuke

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  1. Still need to get this only got enough for 1 game so saving it for Far Cry New Dawn it this and Kingdom Hearts are on my want list. But as far as remakes go Dino Crisis please.

    • Picking it up this weekend. The demo was dope and in fairness Resi 2 is the best of the old Resi’s.

      Dino Crisis – definitely!

      • Dino Crisis 2 – I always liked DC2 more. Shame they killed the franchise with DC3.

      • Off topic but the remaster we all want with original voice cast is Metal Gear Solid: Tactical Espionage Action.

        Why we don’t have that on the PS4Pro is beyond me. I’d buy it thrice, thrice I tells thee!

      • The demo was amazing, I really enjoyed the half hour with it. I went through the original version of Resident Evil 2 so many times and it brought back so many memories.
        Dino Crisis 1 & 2 were excellent game’s we don’t have enough dinosaur game’s.
        Metal Gear is a game I could never get into I have had a couple but they never appealed to me.

      • Dito metal gear remake. Although think unlikely due to kojima Konami split

  2. Definitely need to pick this up. Would be over the moon if they remade RE3. Probably still my favourite in the series, closely followed by 4, then … ah screw it, I’m listing them.

    1. RE3
    2. RE4
    3. RE7
    4. RE2
    5. RE5
    6. RE1
    7. RE6 (Never played it after experiencing the demo).

    • RE1 so low down? How about the REmake? or Code Veronica X?

      I think they’ve all been decent really apart from RE6.

      • For some reason, I’ve never played any of the titles out with the numbered games. Pretty sure I have some too via PS+.

        1 is low partly because I don’t really remember it at all. Replayed it recently with the classic and although it had an air of familiarity with me, it wasn’t nostalgic enough to rise up the list.

        Plus I should add that I loved the top 5 a lot, I don’t think any of them are bad games.

  3. Fantastic news of the free DLC and very curious to play their stories. Capcom deserve a pat on the back…. incredible job they have done with Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil REmake and now this Resident Evil 2…. cannit wait for RE3!
    These are my best Resident Evil games and I stopped at RE4 (did not like the style of the monsters) RE5 was all right but again didn’t like the monsters (I prefer old fashion zombies) never played RE6 and had to get RE7 purely for the VR experience which was fantastic!
    I have enjoyed Code Veronica X, RE: Dead Aim and Resident Evil: Survivors.

    Now excuse me while I load up the game and start on my 6th playthrough xD

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