Survive the Chinese New Year with some free Overcooked 2 DLC

Welcome to the Year of the Pig! It’s a holiday that’s been celebrated more and more often in video games, with Overwatch making a big deal out of it for the last few years, but the festivities have now spread to the Onion Kingdom in Overcooked 2.

Part of a free update – so you don’t even need to go to a digital store and pick up a free DLC pack – you’ll be cooking up a storm across a new map with seven new kitchens. Amidst the koi ponds  and drifting lanterns, you’ll have to get to grips with creating fruit platters and hot pots, while keeping your wok hot. You’ll be able to pick two new chefs as well, with an ornate dragon chef and Chinese New Year pig chef.

There’s also a new Survival Mode, where you have to serve as many dishes as possible, with each dish served adding time to the clock.

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  1. This is the only article i’ve seen on the site today. Is it just a quiet day or did someone make a pigs (y)ear of the new design? ;)

    • Teething trouble, I reckon. :D Although the fact that they let you comment means something is seriously wrong still. ;-)

    • Yeah, just the efforts of pushing out a new design today, which predictably threw up a few problems along the way. Because of that we didn’t want to post anything before we were done, but then decided to chuck out a quick news story to test if it was all buggered, or if just one small thing was buggered.

      • Cheers Stefan, bound to be a few issues switching over, i’m liking the new look all the same.

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