What We Played #385 – Apex Legends, The Division 2 & Kingdom Hearts III


To get it out of the way, we’ve all been playing Apex Legends this week, so if you were hoping that we’d stop talking about it for five minutes, you’ve clicked on the wrong article. I myself have snuck a few rounds in every night, managing to grab a win yesterday after my squad came second or third on a few occasions. It’s a very, very good game.

But that’s not all everyone else has been playing. Aran supplemented his time in it with the continually entertaining Yakuza Kiwami 2, while Nick’s been playing an ungodly amount of Civilization VI. Nick’s good at Apex though, while Jason is bad, so he quickly went back to finishihng off Kingdom Hearts III, which he called “an incredible game”.

Steve’s also on the Kingdom Hearts III train, which he thinks is fun and looks great, but does little to advance the series – “it’s more Spyro than Resi 2” – he’s happy, nonetheless. Then he went and broke his brain learning machine coding in True: learn(), which is apparently a game.

It was Kingdom Hearts III for Jim as well, who’s been handling our review, and you can read his early impressions here. Aside from that it was a single round of Apex Legends, the long process of re-downloading Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and Beat Saber on Expert+ difficulty.

Ade has continued his journey through The Walking Dead: The Final Season, and has played Dragons Dawn of New Riders for review. “One was excellent and the other a bit meh,” he said. He’s also loving the latest free levels for Overcooked 2.

Steadfastly refusing (until he eventually gave in) to try Apex Legends, Gamoc instead played Shadows Awakening for review and Red Dead Redemption 2. Poor design choices and finicky mechanics make him hope Rockstar really improve and modernise their game design philosophy.

Nic B is back on the Persona 5 train, after a month of not playing it, while Miguel played Wargroove, Yakuza Kiwami, Oniken and the first few minutes of Final Fantasy XIV on a new trial account. He also “tried a bit of Apex Legends and I was feelin’ it, hoping to play more soon.” Good lad.

And so we come to The Division 2. Some of us have dipped into the beta that started yesterday. Here are their thoughts:

Tom: “The Division 2 beta is dull”

Dom: “I played The Division 2 last night – enjoyed it!”

Tuffcub: “I have played Destiny 2.”

Good talk.

What have you played?

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  1. Played Darksiders III and got the Platinum! The Apocalyptic Difficulty was a joke! It is fun, very challenging but some areas had high difficulty spikes!
    Started Steep yesterday actually quite fun and fresh but oh boy these Gold for certain events on Hard is a pain especially wingsuits.
    Went back on Vikings: Wolves of Midgard as apparently they has been a patch that has fixed trophy issues aswell as other things. So lets see how this goes this weekend with Valhalla mode on highest difficulty (if you die you lose all the progress and return to Prologue)

  2. Finished of the main story in AC Odyssey. Then realised there’s a whole load of stuff to do and I can’t be arsed. They need to take a year off and hopefully the next one will be a proper AC game. Haven’t had one of those since Syndicate. Just open world things that somehow keep getting bigger. On the plus side, the combat was an improvement, and Alexios was a big improvement over the one whose name I’ve forgotten from Oranges. (That’s how bad he was!)

    PS+ at least gave us For Honor, which I’m actually enjoying now. Tried it ages ago when it had a trial weekend, and it was completely broken. Now you can actually play a game without it disconnecting.

    Until an incident with a new Sky router caused download speeds of 150kbps. Somehow it had decided that the wifi channel all the neighbours were using was the best choice. Fixed that and it’s giving me the full 40Mbits.

    The current PSN sale tempted me with Nex Machina. Which is fun. Until you make it harder. Then it gets challenging. In a good way, I think. Shame they decided to move away from the games they’re so good at.

    This week’s attempt at clearing the backlog… Yakuza 0. Just so I can move on to Kiwami from whenever that was on PS+. Although 6 is on sale at the moment too. Shall I just give up on the backlog and accept it’s never going to shrink?

    And I gave Apex Legends a go. My thoughts on that might have been made clear elsewhere. How long will this Battle Royale nonsense go on for? Presumably until one or two studios decided to jump on board and it all goes wrong for them?

  3. Another quiet week for me but i completed another Thumper level on PSVR – it’s sublime when you get into the flow but one misstep and that flow can shatter quickly, leading to numerous clangers until you regain your focus. All-round brilliantly simple game, yet beautiful and challenging too and driven along by a fine soundtrack.

  4. Finished my first playthrough of REmake2 this week and have been mopping up some achievements before starting my 2nd run.
    Other than that I played a few rounds of Battlefield V and Gears of War 4, which are still great fun.

  5. Mostly played Resident Evil HD, which I really enjoy. It’s mildly scary, a good way to get into horror games again, that I haven’t played for a while now. And I’ll definitely get the new RE2 after that one.

    Yesterday, I tried The Division 2, but had a lot of disconnects. It’s basically more of the same, which is a good thing, as I liked the first a lot, but although I don’t see too much of a difference, somehow it makes me want to return to the first game, which I never got round playing all the DLC I bought for.

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