A Nintendo Direct tomorrow night will feature Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Kids and adults love them so, the happy pre-recorded world of Nintendo Direct-oh! Tomorrow night will play host to a fresh Direct that’s going to drop a ton of new details about the highly anticipated Fire Emblem: Three Houses. That won’t be all that it’s about, with about 35 minutes of game announcements in total, but Fire Emblem will be the star of the show.

So, tune into the Nintendo Direct website or the Nintendo UK YouTube channel at 10PM UK time tomorrow, Wednesday 13th February to see what they’ve got in store!



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  1. Yes! Three times, yes!

  2. Whey, finally some Fire Emblem details! It’s been a while since I’ve fired up my Switch (RE2, Battlefield V and Sea of Thieves are consuming most of my gaming time at the moment) but the Direct hype will probably pull me back in.

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