Here’s what’s coming in Red Dead Online’s February update

Rockstar are settling in for the long haul with the Red Dead Online component of Red Dead Redemption 2, with a big new update set to arrive at the end of February. There’s a mixture of new features and game improvements, with the patch to be delivered on 26t h February.

Player visibility is being adjusted to reduce the visibility of player blips more than 150m away, and only further if you fire your gun. Players in towns and other regions simply won’t be visible, and this should hopefully cut down on repeat attacks from players.


On the flip side, if you become more hostile and aggressive, your map position and that of your Posse members will become visible to other players that shifts from blue to dark red. Posse-wide Parleys allow you to deescalate a situation, while Feuds will spark a timed mini-deathmatch where you can fight it out in Free Roam.

Players with high bounties will now be hunted by NPC bounty hunters. The bounty on your head is determined by your actions – killing other players gives a higher bounty than attacking NPCs, and looting will just decrease your honour. Pass a certain bounty threshold and those bounty hunters be a-coming for you!

New Daily Challenges give you objectives to tackle each day in return for Gold Nuggets and XP. These could be foraging for herbs, selling items at a Fence, hunting and skinning animals, clearing hideouts, winning Feuds and more. This is a system that Rockstar plan to grow and evolve over time.

Finally, a bunch of fixes and tweaks, such as re-balancing the Varmint Rifle and modifying voice chat to work in closer proximity will also be included.

Source: press release

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