Microsoft are teasing a new HoloLens headset reveal at MWC


A few years ago, it seemed that Microsoft were making a real and concerted play with HoloLens augmented reality glasses as an alternative to virtual reality headsets like PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift. That never came to pass, despite some impressive demos that blended the tech with Minecraft on stage at E3, and HoloLens slipped away from the limelight, both in gaming and other non-military industries (where it’s found it’s, uh, niche…).

However, they’ve continued to develop the technology and are now teasing a new headset and iteration of the technology to be revealed at Mobile World Congress on 24th February.

In particular there’s a new Holographic Processing Unit (or HPU 2.0), which is expected to be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 instead of the old Intel Atom, and the efficiency benefits of this chipset should allow for a lighter, smaller headset. Hopefully, alongside a better display, it looks more like glasses and less like those laser tag games I had as a kid.

Source: Ars

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  1. The new Hololens was on Click either last weekend or the one before. They were showing how it could work in business for conferences etc.

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