World War Z breaks out this April

Though the second film has now been canned, Saber Interactive have gone in the opposite direction and actually firmed up their plans to release a game based on the World War Z film. The game will be coming out ono 16th April for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The game is all about the four player co-op, working through levels against swarming hordes of zombies that take after the huge numbers of zombies found in the film, but Saber recently unveiled a PvPvZ multiplayer mode. This pits two human teams against each other in five different game modes, but with the added complication of having to worry about the zombie hordes. It’s this that features in the latest trailer for the game:

Source: press release

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  1. The graphics and animations don’t seem up to scratch, but as long as the gameplay holds up, then count me in!

  2. It has the look of something which is unforgivable. It looks….boring. How have they made this concept look boring is quite a feat, but here’s hoping I am proven wrong as the premise is a great one.

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