World War Z is getting a PvPvZ multiplayer mode

You’d hope that, in the face of a zombie-driven extinction event, humanity could unite in the face of a common foe. Of course, that almost certainly wouldn’t happen and, as depicted in countless examples of zombie fiction, we’ll be squabbling over the most ridiculous of things in the final moments before our faces get bitten off.

A co-op shooter in the vein of Left 4 Dead, but with massive hordes of zombies, World War Z is all about banding together through the main campaign, but Saber Interactive have just pulled the bloodied tarp off a Player vs. Player vs. Zombies mode.

Built around two teams of four human players battling each other and still dealing with zombie swarms that storm the arena, there’s five game modes to be in the game at launch.

  • Scavenge Raid – players race to secure resources across the map to win
  • Vaccine Hunt – players must pick up and hold an object to earn point for the team.
  • Swarm Deathmatch – Two teams go head to head in a bitter fight to the end
  • Swarm Domination – Capture zones to earn points and win a team victory
  • King of the Hill – Capture a single hill, then control it to earn victory points

No firm date has been pinned on the game just yet, but World War Z is expected to come out for PS4, Xbox One and PC this year.

Source: press release

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