New report confirms violent video games don’t make you violent, but you already knew that

The Oxford Internet Institute has published “one of the most definitive to date” studies focusing on violence in video games and whether it makes teenagers violent in real life.

Short answer: No it doesn’t, but you already know that because if there was a link we’d all be in prison as we would have got pissed with something and hacked up a grandma. That hasn’t happened, or at least if it has happened they haven’t found the body yet.


The report has extra credence as it tested around 1000 teenagers in the UK, but also recorded data from their parents or carers so even if the teenager reported no violence they could double check with the adult. Previous reports had relied solely on data from the test subjects.

In more stating the bloody obvious news, the authors of the report state “Anecdotally, you do see things such as trash-talking, competitiveness and trolling in gaming communities that could qualify as antisocial behaviour. This would be an interesting avenue for further research.”

News flash: People get annoyed when the game doesn’t go their way. I’m not sure why this needs investigating, no one is suggesting football fans should be checked out when they get grumpy when their team loses.



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  1. …but I do personally believe that growing up with violent games as a normal part of ones everyday puts many a gamer in a risk of lacking sympathy and empathy – it’s not “just a game” anymore. Interactive storytelling has come to far to be that.

  2. It can be “confirmed” til the cows come home, but the narrative is set now and unfortunately, many people will forever see a link between video game violence and real-life violence…ignoring that people who commit violence also have many other things in common: they watch TV and movies, for example, or they all drink milk, or they all wear clothes when they go outdoors.

    • No they won’t, it will be the same as horror movies, they were demonised until the kids who grew up with them got in to positions of power and changed the rules. Give it fifteen years and this will have gone away.

      • But aren’t WE those grown ups? 😁

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