A quick & dirty guide to all the characters in Jump Force

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Jump Force just came out! It’s a pretty bad video game, but don’t worry about that. Instead, you should be worrying about who the hell all the characters in that game are. If you aren’t up to snuff on your manga history, you might be thrown for a loop when you hop into the game for the first time. Naru-who? Marshall. D what? If you can’t tell your Gaaras from your Gokus, don’t fret. The anime armada here at TheSixthAxis – myself and Jason Coles, in this case – have put together a flawless guide to every character featured in the massive manga crossover fighter. Jason and I know that you’re an intrepid reader on the go, though, so we’ve done our best to keep the descriptions as bite-sized and brief as possible. Let’s go!!

Hunter x Hunter

Gon Freecs


Gon is the son of a famous Hunter and is a typical naïve but hench character. He is pure of heart and strong of fist (that’s a saying now). At one point he loses his temper so much he forcibly ages himself then uses his severed arm to kill an evil ant. That’s a real thing that happens. God, I love this anime so much!

Killua Zoldyck

Killua is a counter-point to Gon. He’s still a good kid, but he is also a trained assassin from a family of trained assassins. He can extend his fingernails into claws and pull the heart out of someone, which makes him good at being an assassin. He can also generate electricity and move at lightspeed. What. A. Boss.


Kurapika is one very angry boy and has a real thing for chains. In the anime he licks and strokes chains to master his power. He has a real rage-on for a group of killers that slaughtered his clan, so he wants revenge. He also has cool red eyes when he is angry.

Hisoka Morow

I love Hisoka so much I (Jason) got a chibi tattoo of him on my leg! He’s a creepy psychopathic clown who has a thing for strong fighters and uses words like tasty. He is also quite the magician and does cool magic tricks like, uh, pulling a card out of his arm and killing people with coins. Anime.


Yugi Moto with Dark Magician and Girl and Slifer

Yugi boy is a young kid possessed by an ancient Egyptian spirit who makes him taller and what the hell am I even writing? He also likes to challenge people to games which condemn them to an eternity of suffering. Unless we are talking about anime Yugi, where he just plays very dramatic card games and has weird hair.

Dragon Ball


Oh, come on. It’s Goku.


Angry Goku.


‘Not even my final form’ Goku.


Green Goku.


‘Not even my final form’ green Goku.


Time-travelling sword-wielding son of Angry Goku.

Ruroni Kenshin

Himura Kenshin

An adorable samurai who uses the blunt side of his sword because he stopped wanting to hurt people. This came after a long period of killing all the people. He basically wanders around slapping people with a backwards sword because he feels bad about all the things his creator did.

Shishio Makioto

To be honest I never watched this series. This guy is covered in bandages for some reason. Apparently, he took over from Himura Kenshin as an assassin, but got covered in oil and then became an angry bandage boi. Sure.

Black Clover


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAsta is the main character in a show all about magicians. This means he was either going to be a badass magician or completely useless. He’s the latter. Spoilers: it doesn’t matter because his lack of magic makes him special because of swords or something. Also, he screams a lot.


Naruto Uzumaki

Boruto’s dad is an orphan whose mother died protecting him from a demon fox which his dad then sealed in his stomach. He has whiskers because of this and is good at making friends and getting up and winning when he shouldn’t be able to. So, he’s an anime character basically.

Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke is an edgelord who other people just don’t get. He is also from a clan that was murdered by his older brother because they were evil, but he didn’t know that. He spent a large amount of time trying to kill his brother, then stole his eyes. So, he uses his eyes now. Does nobody who writes manga know anything about biology?

Kakashi Hataki

Kakashi is hot as hell and horny too. He reads dirty books round children, but is somehow a role model despite this. He has the ability to copy any technique he sees and never takes his mask off. There’s a fairly funny episode in the original series based around this. Of course, it was kind of wasted due to being a filler episode in a show that was nearly half filler episodes.

Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya ate a magic fruit and this somehow created ninjas. Meanwhile, the best I can hope for is an avocado that is ripe. Not too ripe, just the right amount. This window lasts about five minutes and it is stupid. I could have had a mortgage if it wasn’t for damn avocados but nooooo, I had to be a vegan. Stupid fluffy cows. Too cute.

Anyway, Kaguya is probably analogous to Eve or something.


Gaara is also an emo, but he carved the word love into his own forehead using magic sand because his dad is a douche-canoe. He has a magic racoon in his stomach and doesn’t sleep because otherwise the racoon will take over. He eventually finds love and adopts a kid. Plus, him and Rock Lee have one of the best fights in anime history. Wait, why isn’t Rock Lee in this game?

Boruto Uzumaki

Now Boruto is Naruto’s son, but not the Naruto in this game who is about ten years too young to have had him. Instead he is his son when Naruto is the ninja president. He has great power apparently, but instead of showing that in the anime we just had a “bring your kid to work” day. You’d think they would have learned from Naruto, wouldn’t you?

One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy is a plucky, energetic anime protagonist with a heart of gold and an eternally in-season straw sun hat. He ate a cursed fruit and got crazy powers from it, which is something that happens all the time in One Piece. That zesty fruit gave him Mr. Fantastic style body stretching abilities and he’s used them over the course of 933 manga chapters and 872 anime episodes to beat up baddies and track down treasure so he can become king of the pirates.


Sanji is a tall and handsome blonde guy who kicks real good and cooks even good-er. He’s part of Luffy’s pirate crew, and has a penchant for smoking cigarettes (or lollipops, if you watched the anime on 4Kids.) He’s also crown prince to a giant kingdom or something, but don’t worry about that.

Marshall D. Teach

There have been a million bad guys in One Piece, but Marshall Mathers over here is the biggest and baddest one. He goes by the name Blackbeard, and yes, there’s also a Whitebeard who he murdered in a giant pirate war. Blackbeard gets to have two Devil Fruit powers, but nobody else gets to! It’s unfair I’m telling my mom.

Roronoa Zoro

Surely, One Piece wouldn’t literally just name their cool badass sword vigilante character Zoro, right? Wrong. Zoro is the cool badass sword vigilante. He actually has three swords, and swings one of ‘em around with his mouth, so he’s maybe even cooler than the actual Zoro? He’s part of the Luffy Cool Kids Pirate Gang.


Luffy had a really cool not-blood-related brother named Ace, but one day Ace died protecting Luffy. It was a huge bummer, and then this guy named Sabo found out Ace died and remembered that “oh shit I was also a really cool not-blood-related brother to Luffy!!” So Sabo tracks down Luffy and they reminisce and fight bad guys and bond over their ridiculous hats.

Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock is a pool-cue with two balloons taped to it that charms everyone into falling in love with her instantly. When Luffy doesn’t fall for her charms at all, though, the pirate captain empress ends up falling in love with him instead! Ruh roh! Now she uses her quick-thinking and combat abilities to help Luffy in a desperate attempt to convince him to marry her.

My Hero Academia

Izuku ‘Deku’ Midoriya 

You ever see that Disney movie Sky High with the superpower high-school and Kurt Russell as a super-dad or whatever? My Hero Academia is basically that. Izuku is super into superheroes but doesn’t have any super powers at all. It’s cool though, because the most powerful hero in the world decides to give his ability to Izuku so the kid can go to superhero high-school. He also gets a wild 6-pack in like 4 months. It’s nuts. Good kid.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi

Mister Urameshi has been through some shit. He was a crude and rude streetpunk who died in a car accident after pushing a little kid out of the way. The Grim Reaper told Yusuke that if he made some ghosts feel good he could go being not dead again, but Yusuke ends up being so good at ghost-helping that he’s turned into a spirit detective. Aaaaand then he enters a martial arts tournament and kills four evil demons and then becomes a demon and opens a ramen shop.

Younger Toguro

Toguro, or as his friends call him, Celine Dion, was the big baddie of the iconic Dark Tournament Saga in Yu Yu Hakusho. It was a fighting tournament, but like, in Hell or whatever. He’s a real mean dude that killed a lot of guys. He usually looks pretty normal, but when he releases the Spirit Cuffs he turns into the sun-dried raisin man that you see in Jump Force.


Ichigo Kurasaki

Ichigo is a normal laid-back highschooler who ends up becoming a Shinigami spirit fighter. He fights evil ghost monsters with other Shinigami people, but then they also fight Espers, and the Quincy, and Arrancar, and other Shinigami, and also Ichigo gets the powers of all of these people, and it’s a big mess. He gets sideburns eventually. Also, his name is Japanese for “strawberry”. Remember that, it’s important.

Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia is the baddest ghost girl on the planet, and don’t you ever forget that. She inadvertently drags Ichigo into the whole Shinigami Soul Society thing, and ends up showing him the ropes of soul hunting for a while. She’s calm and cool and (literally) icy, and ends up saving Ichigo as much as he saves her. I’ll never forgive Ichigo for marrying Orihime instead of Rukia but whatever. I’m fine, I don’t wanna talk about it.

Sosuke Aizen

I know that the “all according to keikaku” meme is literally from the anime Death Note, but Aizen is basically the human embodiment of that meme. He’s a trustworthy Soul Society member that ends up being the most conniving, dastardly, despicable, stupid-sexy villain ever. Every time he’s cornered, it turns out that everyone else is cornered. Every time he gets beaten, he actually just got even stronger. Some may call it “bad writing”, but I prefer to call it “bad writing, but also holy shit, haha, what?”

Renji Abarai

Renji is like Ichigo except he has big red hair and his sword is a snake. He’s hot-blooded and cocky, but when things get serious, he gets even more serious. He also trained together with Rukia when they were young Shinigami and ends up marrying her because I wasn’t there to protest the wedding. What? Shut up. Renji is cool I guess, I dunno.

Saint Seiya

Pegasus Seiya

Saint Seiya is like Sailor Moon or Power Rangers. Five colour-coordinated teens wear matching armor and use flashy attacks to defeat the bad guy of the week and save the world from the Baddest Guy. Pegasus Seiya is the Red Ranger of the Seiyas, leading them in all their Greek-y mystical kung-fu battles. Sometimes while listening to Bowling For Soup.

Dragon Shiryu

Dragon Shiryu is the cool, mature, Garnier shampoo model of the group. His ferocity in battle is matched only by the volume of his hair and the sparkle of his eyes. He has incredible defensive abilities thanks to the properties of his Dragon Bronze armor and his well-defined pecs. Dragon Shiryu can get it.

Fist of the North Star


You know Mad Max? Fist of the North Star is basically kung fu Mad Max, and Kenshiro is Max except his shotgun is replaced by head-exploding five finger death punches. Kenshiro is a tortured soul who wanders the wasteland searching for answers and those in need. When he fights he screams “ATATATATATATA!”, which is what I do whenever I’m trying to swat flies in my kitchen.

City Hunter

Ryo Saeba

Ryo Saeba is like Leslie Nielsen from The Naked Gun, except even hotter. He’s a ridiculous, goofy nutjob of a private detective who’s constantly hitting on chicks and taking jobs from beautiful women, which is wild cause he’s married to a kickass lady named Kaori Makimura who owns a bazooka and a 100 gigaton mallet. Still, when the going gets tough, he manages to get serious and pull off some pretty badass stuff.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jotaro Kujo

Try to stick with me here: Jotaro Kujo is a no nonsense highshchooler who goes to Egypt with his grandpa, his grandpa’s cool black friend, a creepy art kid, and a French guy, to track down the adoptive brother of Jotaro’s great great grandfather who is now an evil flamboyant vampire that used a cursed bow & arrow to give dozens of people super-powered imaginary friends. Also, Jotaro has one because he’s technically related to Dio thanks to that time Dio grafted his severed head onto Jotaro’s great great grandfather’s body, but then Jotaro’s mom also gets a crazy imaginary friend and she’s too weak to handle it so Jotaro and the cool guys have to kill Dio to undo the family’s imaginary friend curse and save Jotaro’s mom.

Dio Brando

Yeah, so Dio is really into Black Sabbath and likes Pepsi and has a big purple heart above his crotch. That’s all you need to know.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai


Yeah, I know, Dragon Quest is a video game series, alright? You think I don’t know that? There’s like fifty of those freaking games, you think that’s news to me? You think I don’t got the dirt on one of the biggest JRPG franchises in the world? Well I do.

Anyway, they also made a manga. Dai is from the manga.

Death Note

Light Yagami

Light isn’t actually playable in Jump Force, he only shows up in cutscenes. Which is total crap. Wanna know why? Cause Bandai Namco was scared. They were too big baby coward-brained to put Light Yagami, the dude with a notebook that instantly kills people, into the roster of playable characters. So instead, anime Zac Efron over here just watches the carnage from afar, watching shmucks like Naruto and Little Naruto duke it out with wimpy rubbish like fists when Light can just write a name and literally end the life of the person who that name belongs to.

Spike Chunsoft, y’all are weak for this one. Shameful.

So there you have it! Every single character in the Jump Force roster, thoroughly and exhaustively explained and introduced. Unfortunately, this guide won’t be so comprehensive once the first of nine DLC characters start coming out. Thankfully DLC pack 1 doesn’t drop until May, so by that time either nobody will care about this game anymore and we won’t have to bother updating the article, or we’ll all just be dead and gone! Maybe a little bit of both? Who knows!

In 2019, we’re expanding the type of media we cover by taking a dive into the world of anime. Expect articles and reviews about anime series that have a history of video game adaptations, potentially even covering stand out Japanese animation that isn’t related to video games at all.

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