Jump Force patch 1.15 adds Arena Battle event

A brand new patch is hitting Jump Force and it is bringing with it the Arena Battle event as well as stability fixes, and purchasing abilities at the shop counter. The Arena Battle is a limited time event in which players select a team of three with special effects then face off against others. Bonus points are awarded to those who win and can be increased with higher difficulties. Event tickets are needed to partake and have to be purchased from the shop counter.

Full notes below:


Jump Force update 1.15

Release Date

Week of October 14th 2019

General Notes

  • Added Online Event “Arena Battle”.
  • Improved game stability.
  • Added purchasable abilities at Shop Counter.

The following is an announcement of the event schedule.

Event Arena Battle


2019/10/16 15:00 JST – 2019/10/23 14:59 JST

2019/10/16 08:00 CEST –2019/10/23 07:59 CEST

2019/10/15 23:00 PDT – 2019/10/22  22:59 PDT

Reward Distribution Time

After 2019/10/23 15:00 JST

After 2019/10/23 08:00 CEST

After 2019/10/22 23:00 PDT


1st Prize

  • Pumpkin Hat
  • Demon Horns
  • 10 Umbras Cubes

2nd Prize

  • Pumpkin Hat
  • 20 Event Tickets
  • 5 Attack Boosts (Large)

3rd Prize

  • 10 Event Tickets
  • 1 Attack Boost (Large)
  • 1 Health Boost (Large)

Source: Bandai Namco

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