The Battle of Hannut Grand Operation is now out for Battlefield V, and Rush returns


Rush mode is a fan favourite when it comes to the Battlefield franchise and it is now available, albeit limited, in Battlefield as part of the new Grand Operation the Battle of Hannut. The Battle of Hannut will have three days with a fourth activating in the event of a tie with the structure as follows.

Day 1
Map: Panzerstorm
Mode: Airborne

Day 2
Map: Panzerstorm
Mode: Breakthrough

Day 3
Map: Arras
Mode: 64-player Rush

Day 4 (in the event of a tie)
Map: Arras
Mode: Final Stand

Rush will also be getting a limited stand-alone mode from March 7th with 32 players and be played on the Narvik, Devastation, and Twisted Steel. However, this mode won’t be available forever so enjoy it while you can.

Source: EA

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