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THQ Nordic raise another $225 million to buy all the things

11 million new Class B shares for THQ Nordic were released last night and they’ve all been snapped by investors impressed by sales growth of 441% during the last quarter of 2018. The sale generated 2.09 billion Swedish krona (around $225 milliion) which will be used to be even more IPs.

THQ Nordic has grown amazingly fast and has bought many studios and IPs including Goat Simulator, Alone in the Dark, Kingdoms of Amalur, TimeSplitters, Carmageddon, Second Sight, Saint’s Row, Red Faction Guerrilla, Destroy All Humans, Aces of Luftwaffe, Dead Island, Biomutant, and MX vs ATV. And Delta Force, Comanche, Darksiders, Sine Mora, Jagged Alliance, Outcast, Desperados, Wreckfest, Shenmue, Risen, Generation Zero, This is the Police, and about a hundred more.

It has been reported that there are over fifty games in production the company in various states of completion. Not bad for a company that didn’t exist until 2011.

Source: GI.Biz

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  1. Would love for them to go back to the beginning with Saints Row. They for me went too off the rails an it didn’t make them as fun. Looking forward to the console release of Wreckfest that looks good fun.

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