PEGI leak a remastered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign

Following last year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare campaign remaster it appears the sequel will be getting the same treatment. The Pan European Game Information system, or PEGI to it’s mates, has listed the campaign for PlayStation 4.


The odd thing about the listing is the release date, which was yesterday. Presumably that’s a placeholder that someone has forgot to update.

Activision have not announced a remaster of the MW2 campaign, it’s predecssor was given away as a freebie as part of the year’s new Call of Duty game before being released as a stand alone product, and will be one of the free games for PlayStation Plus next month.

Amazon listed the remaster almost a year ago and a later rumour suggested that it would be the campaign only and that seems to be correct. Beenox are said to be on porting duties and the game was rumoured to have an April 18 release date, perhaps they meant April 2019.

Source: PEGI


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  1. I have no interest in the COD titles anymore, but I’m sure I could be tempted to pick this up. Hopefully they’ll do a MW +Mw2 Remastered pack

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