Blind Squirrel Game’s announcement is NOT Borderlands remastered, it’s Drifters [Updated]

Curve ball! Despite all indications suggesting a Borderlands remaster was on the way the Blind Squirrel website has been updated with image below. Twitter and Facebook accounts for the game also went live at the same time, as did the website, but that just redirects back to Blind Squirrel.

Update: Here’s the new blurb that describes just what Drifters is, a hero shooter with grappling hooks and drift packs for enhanced movement:

Drifters is a hero action shooter that combines the spectacle of arcade action with the high intensity of a shooter, to create a fun, irreverent and fast-paced game about looting the galaxy.

Choose from a suite of Drifters, each with their own abilities and expertise to find the one which fits your playstyle, then form your own rag-tag team of raiders.

All Drifters come equipped with a grappling device and a drift pack, which provide a unique and exhilarating way to navigate the environment, counter the enemy team and snatch the goods; find your own path to victory!

While our original post speculated that the game would be in VR, Blind Squirrel have informed us that it will not be in VR. Our apologies for the mistake.

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  1. Funnily enough you said almost the same about not clicking anything 3 months ago when they rather stupidly used a hashtag relating to Bioshock.

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