Tetris 99’s first in-game event, Grand Prix, starts tomorrow


Tetris 99’s blend of Tetris and Battle Royale is as brilliant as it sounds ridiculous, being dropped on Switch Online subscribers during Nintendo’s mid-February Nintendo Direct. It’s about as straightforward as it comes, but dataminers made it clear that there were plans to add game modes and host events. The first of these, Grand Prix, is starting tomorrow at 1PM GMT on Friday 8th March, running until 6:59AM GMT on Monday 11th.

During this time, the game itself will remain identical, but there’s now rewards for winning, beyond simple smug satisfaction. Players that win during this time will be in with a chance of earning 999 Gold Points on the Nintendo eShop, worth £9.99. 999 players will be chosen at random (the number of times you win doesn’t matter, just that you have won), with Nintendo informing winners within one week.

Source: Nintendo

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