Futurlab’s next game is based on the BBC’s Peaky Blinders

Futurlab, the team famous for retro shooters and dinky VR racing games are making a game based on the BBC television series Peaky Blinders. Stop looking the calendar, way to early for an April Fools, this is happening.

The game, which will launch next year on consoles and PC with Curve on publishing duties, is described as a narrative action game with “a highly innovative, story-driven design”, and will feature all the major characters and some locations form the show.

“In Curve and FuturLab we have great partners who will deliver a high-end game which can be enjoyed by fans of the series and gamers alike,” added Anil Mistry, director of games at Endemol. “The unique world created by the Peaky Blinders series lends itself incredibly well to this style of gaming, and players can look forward to an authentic, original and immersive game experience.”

So… that’s a thing then.

Source: MCV



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