PlayStation VR sales exceed 4.2 million units

Sony’s slow and steady approach to PlayStation VR seems to have paid off with sales now in excess of 4.2 million units as of March 3, 2019. Although we’re still waiting for another big budget triple-A title to rival Resident Evil 7 there are plenty of superb games for the system including Tetris Effect, Skyrim, Wipeout, and Doom.

There’s a lot more to look forward to as well with No Man’s Sky and Concrete Genie getting VR support, and more smaller indie games that you can shake a PS move controller at including Giant Ghost, Falcon Age, Jupiter & Mars, and Mini-Mech Mayhem.

There’s also the tantalising prospect of making your own VR games in Media Molecule’s Dreams. Oh, and of course you get to be freaking Iron Man! Woohoo!

Not bad for a piece of hardware many wrote off as soon as it was announced.

Source: PS Blog 

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  1. And sadly if you look at comment’s on YouTube people are still writing off as gimmick. As a mainly PSVR gamer these days i was glad to finally see PSVR pushed to the front for a change and so many great game’s to look forward to, especially No Mans Sky and Iron Man!

  2. The weird thing with Reddit still works then. For every subscriber to r/PSVR, Sony have sold somewhere around 42 headsets.

    Currently it’s at 106k subscribers, making almost 4.5m headsets. So depending on how far in excess of 4.2m Sony were (it could be 4,299,999 and not count as 4.3m), the Reddit prediction is around 3-5% out. And that doesn’t include another 3 weeks of sales and new subscribers.

    It’s a remarkably accurate prediction, but I suspect it’ll get less accurate as the sales increase and it becomes more mainstream.

  3. NMS in VR is immense and even after a good nights sleep my brain is still going “Squeeee!”, should push a few more PSVR units too.

    • I thought you’d be excited. Just when everyone hoped you’d finally get over this game… ;-)

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