The April PlayStation Plus games have been announced!


Time for your monthly dose of free games courtesy of Sony and this April you are getting two rather hefty games. First up is The Surge, a Souls-like game with a sci-fi twist, whilst the second game, Conan: Exiles heads to the desert for some online survival action.

We rather liked The Surge when it was released, scoring it 8/10, whilst Conan got 6/10, but it’s had a lot of patches and upgrades since then. That gives Sony a score of 14 on my newly created Games with Gold vs PlayStation Plus competition soundly beating Microsoft who only scored 10 yesterday.

Read our review of The Surge or our review of Conan: Exiles

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  1. Happy with April’s offering. Keen to try Conan but I’ve been burned by multiplayer survival games in the past. Hopefully this gives the game’s servers a hefty shot in the arm.

  2. Excellent, I nearly bought the Surge in the sale the other day, glad I didn’t now!

  3. It’s a vicious cycle, I look on the PSN for a new game, with money to burn.
    Decide on a game, then realise it’s nearly new PS+ game time, waits for the announcement.
    “Ooh, hadn’t considered those, I’ll save buying anything until I’ve played them for a bit”
    Fast forward to a week before announcement time, repeat the process.

  4. The Surge has been vaguely tempting me for a while, so that’s a win there. Except the version with the DLC is currently on sale for £12 for the next week. (Weirdly until 12:59am on the Thursday. Strange time for a sale to end)

    So download it on Tuesday, decide I like it and then either buy it for £12 or buy the DLC for £20. Assuming you’re allowed to buy the fancy edition if you already “own” the normal one.

    Conan is just going to be hours to download and then 10 minutes playing with the cock size thing, isn’t it? As if I’ve never seen a huge penis flapping about.

    That’s the only thing anyone can remember about that game, isn’t it?

    A vast improvement over the games for March though.

  5. Lot’s of people kicking off about these games on the official blog but I’m quite happy with these 2. If I look back at this year so far- Jan Steep (got it) and Portal Knights (why bother with a Minecraft clone when I’ve got Minecraft?), Feb Hitman (not big fan of stealth games) and For Honor (not bad), Mar The Witness (got it) and MW Remastered (Really not a fan of COD). I don’t have April’s games and wouldn’t mind trying them, so probably the best month in a while for me.

  6. I’m interested to see what the Conan game is like and i’ll have a go at The Surge too, perfect PS+ content for me.

  7. Not overly impressed really, but I don’t really need these games anyway, as I got more of a backlog than time for gaming these days.

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