3dRudder is a new PSVR motion controller… for your feet

As good as PlayStation VR is, one of the things that seriously hampers its flexibility when compared to its PC VR peers is the lack of analogue control sticks on the Move controller. It often sees the controllers being ignored by developers or having special control schemes to get around a fundamental input that is featured on both DualShock 4 and Aim controller.

Well, the licensed, PlayStation branded 3dRudder may well be an answer to this flaw, getting your feet into the game and freeing up your hands for more important VR waving. The device will be out on 17th June, but you might want to sit down before I tell you the price… it’s £119/€119.

It’s essentially a foot plate that you can tilt around a rounded bottom, creating a giant analogue stick equivalent. Put your feet on it, tilt it in the direction you want to go, and the Inertial Measurement Unit and pressure sensors calculate the direction and how far you’ve tilted it to decide where you’re heading. That’s all there is to it, with no sticks or buttons to worry about

At launch, it will be supported by 25 games and can be combined with all other controllers – DualShock 4, Move or Aim. Those games are:

Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cypher
Undead Citadel
Sairento VR
Ultrawings VR
Bow to Blood
Pirate Flight
The Wizards-Enhanced edition
Red Matter
Operation Warcade
Beat Blaster
Honor and Duty : D-Day
Honor and Duty : Arcade Edition
Nature Treks
Mind Labyrinth
Scraper VR
Affected : The Manor
Telefrag VR
Darkness Roller Coaster
Contagion VR
Shadow Legend

The device is topped with a slim circular platform onto which you rest your feet. This platform rests on a rounded bottom half. The combination makes for incredibly intuitive movement: you simply tilt your feet in the direction you want to move. The more angled the tilt, the faster you’ll move.

It allows for life-like motion. You can walk straight, sprint while taking a corner or stop exactly where you want to, in a smooth, seamless way.

No sticks, no buttons. Inside the device are IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and pressure sensors which track your movements and translate them to in-game motion. We’ve demoed the 3dRudder at numerous shows and events, and everyone who has tried it has commended the seamlessness of the experience.

To use the 3dRudder, you just need to plug it in to your PS4 console via USB. No additional setup is necessary and the device is compatible (and combinable) with PlayStation Move motion controllers, the PS VR Aim controller, and Dualshock 4.

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  1. £119/€119??

    It should be about £102 based on the Euro price.

    They also have a PC version for 99€. Which should be £85. But which conveniently doesn’t work with the PS4.

    I think I’ll stick with all the other available options for that price.

    • That could be a bargain for you in a few months with the way Brexit is going

  2. I only own one of those games – Ultrawings – and that’s not even a walking game! I guess it’ll require a bit more than just getting older games to recognise the new controller and button inputs, additional coding will probably required and many devs may not have time or resources to get that done.

  3. From what I’ve read about this it works pretty good but the only game I would use it with is No Mans Sky VR, but it’s not on the list. Even if it’s supported by the time NMS VR is released it’s expensive for what I would use it for.

    It’s great to see new accessories for VR.

  4. Pricing for me is what put’s me off Amazon has the PC one for £55 but like someone has already said it conveniently doesn’t work with the PS4.

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