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Furi gets easier and speedier with Freedom Update

The boss rush bullet hell of Furi was a cult hit a couple years ago, but its unrelenting difficulty may have proved too much for some. Answering that and making the game more accessible for the reflexively challenged players out there is the new Freedom Update, which includes Invincible Mode, harder Speedrun options, and bundles in the DLC boss Bernard for all.

Audrey Leprince, co-founder of The Game Bakers said, “We’ve been listening to Furi’s community about the features and improvements that they were hoping for and we have been releasing some of those over the months in our Steam version. With the Freedom Update we’re happy to be able to share them with players regardless of the platform they play on.”

Invincible mode is more than just making you invulnerable. It’s actually a wide set of commands that let you become invincible (obviously), skip a fight, skip or lock phases in fights or weaken the boss. It can also be a tool for those looking to practice certain parts of the game for speedruns. Once you’ve beaten the game with a speedrun in Furi difficulty, you can now take it on in Furier mode, where the boss patterns have been redesigned for increased difficulty. Bernard from the One More Fight DLC is now free on Xbox One as well, and was already a bundled in part of the game on Switch.

Elsewhere, in addition to a bunch of minor fixes to the game, Control Scheme D has been added that might be beneficial for dodging and parrying while shooting or slashing.

The update is free, while the game has been discounted between 55% and 70% on Switch, Xbox One, GOG and Steam.

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