The Tomb Raider movie is getting a sequel


The distinctly average rebooted Tomb Raider movie seems be getting a sequel. It made around $270 million at the box office with production fees for around $94 million, so turned in a decent, if not block busting profit.

Deadline are reporting that MGM and Warner Bros have hired Amy Jump, who worked on the scripts for Free Fire, High Rise, and Sightseers, to write the script for the sequel. Alicia Vikander, who plays Lara Croft, is said like direction of the new story.

I haven’t managed to get all the way through the first movie yet, are you interested in a sequel?

Source: Deadline

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  1. I didn’t hate the reboot to be honest. No interest in rewatching but certainly wasn’t bored of it. Probably would check out a new one if/when it came out though.

    Surely they will be smart and reduce the budget though. I highly doubt it’ll bring in a bigger crowd than the first.

  2. Oh god… well, hopefully it’s better than the last one. I tried to watch it again recently but it’s too annoying for a second viewing. How do you take an iconic character like Lara Croft and make her so painfully bland and ordinary? Where’s the charisma, the passionate interest in archaeology, the thirst for adventure? Lara is supposed to be someone you admire and aspire to be, not someone who spends her weekend packing bags in her local supermarket (because she needs the extra cash) #relatable. Ugh.

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